Hardwood Care & Maintenance

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Daily care & maintenance

Sweep, vacuum, and dry mop your hardwood flooring (don't wet mop) on a regular basis. Make sure to check with your manufacturer’s care and maintenance guide, in addition to their list of approved vacuum cleaners, before caring for your new floors. If your flooring needs more than just a dry surface clean, use a manufacturer-approved cleaning solution and follow their guidelines. If you find your floors need a periodical deep cleaning, always hire a local professional floor cleaning company. For recommendations, speak with one of our representatives!

You may also want to take some steps to protect your flooring in advance. Invest in doormats and place them throughout your home, and encourage visitors to remove shoes. Keep pets' nails trimmed, and consider an area rug or two for stylish protection from traffic and scratching!

Dealing with spills

Occasional spills and stains are inevitable, especially if you have pets or kids. Fortunately, hardwood is easy to care for, and most liquid spills will wipe away simply with a cloth. You'll want to do this as quickly as possible, as hardwood flooring is not water-resistant. Other spills, such as wax or nail polish, are more complex. For these, you'll want to consult your manufacturer's care guidelines. If using a cleaning product, make sure it is approved by your hardwood manufacturer, and follow any instructions carefully. Improper usage can cause dulling or damage.

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