Bamboo Floors

The greener alternative to solid wood

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Bamboo offers many of the same pros and cons of traditional solid hardwood.

It’s an attractive material with beautiful natural variations in grain, color and texture. It also generally adds to the long-term real estate value of your home when installed.

Despite technically being a species of grass, bamboo even behaves like solid hardwood. It can be refinished, it’s hard and durable, and even slightly water-resistant. It can also scratch & crack under the right pressures.

A renewable flooring resource

If you’re remodeling or building a home and are interested in using a natural, renewable material to floor your spaces, bamboo will likely appeal to you. Bamboo can be harvested rapidly, maturing every 3 years. This is far more frequently than most trees used for hardwood. Bamboo is also responsibly farmed in a way you can trust, requiring minimal fertilization or pesticides to grow.

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